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My mother used to say, “A summer island whose beauty is noticed when summer comes and
people get into this beauty, enjoy it, and then leave the silhouettes of their memories… You don’t
want to get rid of those memories and try to live in your solitude with your own beauty,

you don’t
want it.” A pale smile would appear on her lips, she would say to me, “You can try”, she would say to
me, “You want…” BROKEN MIRRORS I compared the memories of my mother, which she did not
want to break away from her sadness and longing, to a few pieces of things she kept in the chest that
were left to her from my grandmother. A pure silk broadcloth colored shawl, a black velvet festoon, a


pink embroidered handkerchief, a wooden rosary… My grandmother wanted these items to survive;
So was my mother, she wanted her longing to live on. He always had people and places in his heart
that made him sad. He tirelessly remembered a fewLiterary > Poetry and“A mirror, like a salt lake,
sometimes burns the eyes.” A tune continues inside me that makes the sadness feel as if it is endless.
The longing for a passenger who has to travel to never-ending roads is such an old and long calendar

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that there is no heart that would not get lost in their distance. I didn’t choose to get lost in those
distances. While I was dreaming of getting to the level, the walls of the castles that could not be
instilled in my cinema were being built, I had not been aware of it. When I lit the lantern of those

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distances deep in my heart, I saw the longing for years, its form stretching across my heart like the
dead body of a lover. It was deep, it was sharp, it was ruthless. He was at the same doors, on the
same roads, in the same story as me. Now those doors, those roads are far away; but I still have the
story.She is both desirous of seeing new places and is suffering from the fact that her
attachment to those places will be hurt by goodbyes. He would be willing to be involved with

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new friends and new conversations, and he would have dimples when his heart was hurt by
separations. I didn’t know how to get hurt like my mother from goodbyes, and how to groan
with longing like my mother. Then ‘Crying’, where we stayed for four years, is a tunnel
opening to the sadness of my life; it was a hand that filled my heart with my mother’s heart.
When I was entering that city, I said to my father, “What would this city say to us if it were
spoken when leaving?” I added by pointing to my mother, “Don’t touch, she’ll probably say

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‘cry’. My mother joined in with a wry smile at my carefree laughter of my father and I. Then
my father said, “If he calls us that, what would he say to your mother?” and murmured a song
that my mother loved very much: “Did Mihrican touch it, did your rose fade? Come on, don’t
cry, don’t cry strange nightingale…” In Ağlasun, I learned what it means to bond with a friend,
to be injured by a conversation, to bleed and not be able to locate the wound, to feel that you
belong to a city. My father never showed his sadness. He always looked cheerful, always
refree. I would only recognize his glee, flashing for a moment and then fading and his anger
fading. He liked to talk humorously, sometimes even when he was at the height of his anger,
he used to make a joke about his anger and quenched his anger with a laugh. I thought he was
a very rare person. Then, when we went to his hometown of Artvin, I met many men like him
in the village where my father was born. Now my father was only rare outside of Artvin. For
me, Isparta has become a novel based on the words of roses, aunt Mevhibe, Canan, memories
remembered on a balcony overlooking the roses, secret pains, and wounds whose blood is still
flowing. Who said, “What you call a novel is a mirror circulated on a long road”. An indelible
longing was reflected in my mirror from the roads I passed… Aunt Mevhibe was the most
special friend my mother met in Isparta, where we stayed for two years. She took insatiable
pleasure from the time she spent with him, from the tales, masnavis and manias she heard
from him. How many cities he visited, he had a few friends in each city will be remembered,
sometimes it was not even that much. My mother was introverted. He had a shy nature. He
did not like to be at length in casual conversations. His long sentences sounded like poetry
because he spoke little. Sometimes my father would say, “Your words like this poem inedme,


Netflix Platform

After 2010, the use of the internet became widespread and people started to watch movies and series on different internet sites. No one preferred to easily rent DVDs anymore. Seeing this situation, Netflix executives established an online viewing platform and bought the rights of some broadcasts and started broadcasting on this platform.


Netflix online platform started its activities in 2007. However, with House of Cards, which they produced in 2013, they took the first steps to become Netflix as we know it today. We all know that the Netflix original content trend, which started with House of Cards, continues today with joint productions with local productions in different countries of the world.

After Netflix started to operate as an online content platform, the most striking step was to present the entire season to the audience instead of broadcasting its original series episode by episode. Thus, viewers can watch their favorite TV series as much as they wish, without waiting for a specific day and time each week.


Although we are now used to this flexibility offered to the audience, it was a situation we have never encountered before. Moreover, this flexibility was provided not only by content but also by monitoring devices. Netflix has been a platform that can be watched on computers, televisions and mobile devices since its first day. He quickly adapted to all innovations and did not deprive the audience of himself for a moment.

We also have different cable broadcasts and satellite broadcasts by paying a fee. However, as if what we pay for is not enough, we watch advertisements on top of it. Netflix also stands out at this point, and no matter which of the different subscription packages you prefer, it does not show any ads to the user. Moreover, there are no ads hidden inside the original productions. In this regard, it should be said that it is a complete user-friendly.


All television channels and broadcasting platforms have also undertaken the production of some series, movies and documentaries, aiming to offer more options to the audience and defeat their competitors. However, Netflix is ​​also taking groundbreaking steps in this regard. Billions of dollars are spent worldwide on Netflix original content. There is currently no platform that comes close to this figure.

And Netflix doesn’t just create their original content. It follows the viewing habits of the countries where it started broadcasting and adds the broadcast rights of popular productions in these countries to the platform. Of course, we are not even talking about adding subtitles and dubbing specific to the country where it is broadcast.


Another point that draws attention in Netflix original productions is universality. We can see the production of a country that we would not watch under normal conditions on Netflix, and we can also choose our own language options. As a producer, Netflix aims to make original productions watchable not only locally, but all over the world.

It is easy to subscribe to different streaming services, and difficult to unsubscribe. We even know that there are service providers who still require faxing. Netflix, on the other hand, allows you to solve subscription and unsubscribe with one click. With advanced technical service support, you can reach a platform official at any time and solve your problem.

Another highlight of Netflix is ​​its advanced recommendation algorithm system. This system examines the productions watched by the subscriber and shows similar productions on the platform in the main stream.


In other words, you come across content that you will love to watch without having to explore something.

First of all, we should say that the latest change in the price policy has lost many subscribers to the platform. Such multinational companies need to adjust their pricing policies according to the country they serve. Especially “torrent-loving” people need to make a little more effort to win their hearts.

Another annoying point is that the contents are opened without booting. In other words, a flow is provided according to what your internet speed is for that moment. You can’t tell me to stop for a while and let it fill up. Okay, but internet quality doesn’t hold a moment. As such, even HD subscribers cannot always access high-quality content.


The quality ratio of domestic productions is in question:
Let’s come to Netflix Turkey productions. We do not know if Netflix or local producers are at fault here, but for now, Netflix Turkey original productions cannot fully conquer the hearts of Turkish viewers. It’s like watching Turkish versions of American productions. More ‘us’ productions such as the Bir Başkadır series need to be signed.


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Among the places where I enjoy every minute I spend is St. Mary’s Basilica in Cosmedin. The religious structure is mainly referred to as Santa Maria in Cosmedin in foreign sources.

The basilica fascinates people with its Romanesque architecture. Especially the elegant bell tower immediately draws attention to it. However, the main factor underlying its popularity is the mask that was mounted on the wall centuries ago.

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After entering the building, you can focus on the left wall and see the marble mask called “The Mouth of Truth”. I say mask; but don’t think of anything out of the ordinary. Because the artifact weighs about 1,300 kilograms and is thought to have been brought from a nearby temple of Hercules. Also, according to popular belief, the mask depicts the titan Oceanus, who is responsible for the waters surrounding the world.

Visiting Information

It can be visited between 09.00-17.30 hours.
Piazza della Bocca della Verità, 18, 00186 Rome

Via dei Condotti“Is Rome just historical places?” I can hear you say. So, without wasting time, I move on to explain another favorite shopping area, Via Condotti.

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The street, which you will see when you turn your back to the Spanish Steps and look straight ahead, is the unofficial fashion center of Rome. Although, if I have to say from the beginning, the retail stores on the street mainly operate in the luxury segment.

But do not immediately despair. Because it is not necessary to have a large budget to have a pleasant time at Condotti. It is quite enjoyable to go to the street and sit for hours in one of the venues towards the evening when it is closed to motor vehicle traffic.

Via dei Condotti, Rome

Via VenetoIf you like to take advantage of luxury facilities, you don’t have to settle for Via Condotti alone. If you wish, you can immediately turn your route to Via Veneto, where most of the scenes of La Dolce Vita are filmed, and you can catch exactly the opportunities you want. Latest news
The street, which took its name from the Vittorio Veneto War, has managed to attract the elite residents of the city since the 1960s. Even the economic recession in the 1980s did not affect this part of the city much. As a result, Via Veneto; With its stylish restaurants, high-end hotels and expensive boutiques, it continues to be the prestige center of Rome.

Do not neglect to spare time for Chiesa di Santa Maria della Concezione while wandering the street. I am sure that you will be amazed by the architectural details of the building. Especially when you enter the bone hall on its side…

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Via Veneto, Rome

Gelateria Giolitti You can stop by Gelateria Giolitti for a flavor feast that will sweeten your mouth while walking around Rome.
The story of the place began to be written in 1890 with the dairy farm opened by Giuseppe and Bernadina Giotti. The products they sell were so high quality that in a short time, not only Rome’s but also all Italy’s top families started shopping from this shop.

As such, Giotti’s immediately opened the current favorite place. In the beginning, the vegetarian menu of the place attracted a lot of attention. But in a short time, ice creams that cracked the palate with their intense flavors became the focus of attention.

The variety of ice cream in Gelateria Giolitti is really quite large. Moreover, the place makes its guests smile with its prices as well as the quality of its products.

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Rome

Time Elevator Rome Are you dreaming of a pleasant family vacation in Rome? Then you can include Time Elevator Rome – Welcome Time Elevator in your itinerary without hesitation.
The venue, which aims to convey the history of ancient Rome to its guests in an impressive way, is designed to appeal to all senses. As a matter of fact, it is really hard to come across a similar experience here, believe me.

So, which shows are being shown in the venue? Three different productions are staged at Time Elevator Rome, with durations ranging from 15 to 40 minutes.

The first of these is “The History of Rome”, which makes the story started by Romulus and Remus even more striking with technological innovations.

The other one is called “Evolution of Life”. As you can understand from the name of “The House of Horror”, which is screened three times a day, it appeals to individuals who are interested in horror cinema.

Visiting Information
Ticket The History of Rome – €9, Evolution of Life and House of Horror €7
First session at 12:00, last session at 19.30.
Via dei Santi Apostoli, 20, 00187 Rome


Welcome To Rome You can add Welcome to Rome to your list to have fun with your children on your trip to the capital of Italy.
In terms of the concept, the place actually shows similarities with the Time Elevator Roma, which I explained to you in detail in the previous article. However, if you ask me, it’s a bit better in conveying the city’s thousands of years of history.

At the venue, screenings are held every 30 minutes, describing the city’s 2,700 year


Bought house with Bitcoin

Today, cryptocurrencies have begun to invade every aspect of our lives. Although we are still shopping with physical currencies, numerous platforms allow you to shop with cryptocurrencies. There are many examples in our country.
According to the statement made by Antalya Homes real estate company, it was reported that the most expensive house sale made with Bitcoin in Turkey so far. The payment for a villa worth 1 million 250 thousand dollars was made with Bitcoin.
Antalya Homes company is known for selling homes remotely through a method called TeleProperty. The exterior of the house to be visited is shown to the customer with a drone. The interior can be visited in 360 degrees. The sale is completed after the sellers and buyers make the final bargain with the video call.

Antalya Homes has been using crypto payment methods since 2018. Besides Bitcoin, it also accepts BitcoinCash (BCH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Tether USD (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) as payment methods.



Today, together with you, our valued readers, we will analyze the altcoin recommendations 2021 data from seriously researched investment experts. As it is known, there are very serious movements in our country’s market regarding crypto currency exchanges technology. Although we seem to be in a troubled period as the economy, a significant portion of investors continue to shift all their money to virtual currencies.

When we say crypto money investment experts, we can say that there are no people who can definitely be respected throughout the country. However, economists make very successful suggestions by following the differences in the exchange values of the currencies.

We have prepared a list of the most preferred investment recommendations for you by reading the sources of money from around the world. You can ask us what you are curious about from our comment areas and get ideas.