Health and Cannabis

Marijuana, which is used in serious diseases in the field of health, is obtained from the cannabis plant. Almost all of the cannabis plants are used in different sectors. We have prepared an extensive article about cannabis produced in our country with permission. What is hemp? What can be made from hemp? Is cannabis derived from hemp useful? Does marijuana kill? How is marijuana used medicinally? What are the harms of marijuana? Why shouldn’t a healthy person use marijuana? Is hemp on the list of harmful plants or beneficial plants? The answer to your questions is in our article with medical research.

What is hemp? How is hemp used in healthcare?
Cannabis is an annual plant genus belonging to the Cannabaceae family. Cannabis, which is used for making yarn, weaving and fabric with its stems, and for making paper with its pulp, is known as one of the oldest sources of vegetable raw materials in human history, and cannabis, which is obtained from the flower and seed of the cannabis plant and has drug properties, is the most widely used illegal substance in the western world. . Cannabidiol

Marijuana use is often accompanied by the use of other drugs, alcohol and tobacco. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) stated that 4{babcef8a7e99bb6fae3281a218cbbd89db3c2a401e18f87d51faab564535d008} of adults in the world use cannabis, while this rate is 11{babcef8a7e99bb6fae3281a218cbbd89db3c2a401e18f87d51faab564535d008} (36 million people) in the USA.

In countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, and in many states of America, the sale and use of these substances in certain quantities has been released under certain rules. In Turkey, it was reported that 49.1{babcef8a7e99bb6fae3281a218cbbd89db3c2a401e18f87d51faab564535d008} of cases related to illegal substances in 2016 were due to cannabis.


Climate research

Scientists at Yale University and University College London discovered that plants transported from the ocean to land 400 million years ago caused two different changes on Earth.

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The first of these changes is the decrease in the carbon level in the atmosphere and thus the significant seasonal changes, and the second change is the formation of marine organisms living in the ocean and sea.
Scientists from University College London and Yale University examined samples on rocks that formed over the last three billion years and discovered that after plants set foot on land about 400 million years ago, there was an astonishing change in the earth’s climate and ocean life.

Examining the changes experienced after plants began to grow on land, scientists revealed that the carbon level in the atmosphere decreased thanks to the clay formation on land, and this decrease triggered seasonal changes such as the ice age.

With the transition of plants to land, marine organisms began to form Described as the movement of carbon between rocks, living organisms and the atmosphere, the carbon cycle is seen as the Earth’s natural thermostat as it regulates temperature over very long periods of time. The researchers, who published their research in the scientific journal Nature, started a study to investigate how this carbon cycle changed over a wide period of time and how the carbon level in the air started to decrease 400 million years ago.

The carbon cycle, which was formed only thanks to the clays found in the oceans 00 million years ago, began to form on the rocks with the transition of plants to land, and thus, a significant decrease was observed in the carbon level in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The scientist involved in the research, Dr. Philip Pogge von Strandmann made the following statements about the article they published; “Our work shows that the carbon cycle has fundamentally different working principles in Earth’s history. We think that two interconnected biological developments took place about 400 to 500 million years ago. The first is when plants come out of the ocean to colonize land, and the second is with silicon from ocean water. “The birth of marine organisms that can form a skeleton for themselves. Prior to these changes, the carbon level in the atmosphere was high, but the transition of plants to land paved the way for the first animal formation on land.”