Safety for online shopping

Safety Comes First

Research shows that in order for a potential customer to turn into a loyal buyer, it is important that the e-commerce company that he will shop online is as safe as the product variety. In other words, he needs to feel that only the amount of the transaction will be deducted from his card in order to enable him to shop online with his debit card, that the product he has ordered will be delivered without any problems, and that his card information will be safe in the future.

What’s Needed?

In order for a visitor to shop from any e-commerce company, it is necessary to enter that site 4 times on average. These visits to review the product, search for similar products, evaluate easy payment options, and ensure security become more frequent as the site’s awareness and credibility increases. In the next shopping, the shopping process is carried out with 1 or 2 visits and the buyer turns into a loyal customer. So what do you need to have in order to create this perception of security and protect both the customer and the e-commerce company?

SSL Certificate

Developed by Netscape in 1996 and quickly used by all browsers, SSL Certificate is simply a kind of encryption system. When you enter your credit card information to the e-commerce company while shopping online, if the company has an SSL certificate, it transfers your card information to the bank via a special encryption method. This encryption can only be deciphered by your bank, and the information is sent from your bank to the company after being encrypted in order to perform the transaction.

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Thus, while shopping online with credit and debit cards, your information is prevented from being used in bad faith by third parties. While your card information can be copied through the POS machine in traditional shopping, your information is safe with this method. Moreover, it is very easy to understand that an e-commerce company has an SSL Certificate. kem duc manh

When you enter the page of an e-commerce company, there is the text https:// at the beginning of the address line. If this text is green, it means that the site has an SSL certificate. On sites where this certificate is not available, if the https:// text is not green and there is a line over it, that site is not secure. Make sure that the text https:// is green on the payment page or on the home page. Also keyboards are here